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Volunteer with us

Here at Little Woodham we are always on the lookout for people with a passion for history to join us.  We are a volunteer-run charity that values family and friendship, and believe in building a sense of community. 

Members are encouraged to research their chosen roles and the social history of the time, and you will be supported as you settle in.  Costumes are available to be loaned to get you started.

You don't need to dress up if that's not your thing.  We also need help behind the scenes.  The village buildings and grounds need a lot of maintenance, or you could help out in the shop.

Join us and become a part of our family!

If you would like to find out a little more, please email our membership secretary Jon on

Why volunteer?

Volunteering and being part of a team is an amazing experience that brings countless benefits! You get to contribute to a cause you're passionate about and see the behind-the-scenes work that makes it all happen. Plus, being part of a team helps you develop new skills, build relationships, and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

What our members say

"I like history and this gives me a chance to explore a new period for me... and actually live it!"

"I feel we are so privileged to be part of this wonderful experience in such a tranquil setting.  The villagers are like a big family."


"I enjoy stepping back in time."

"Learning, living and sharing.  It's different every day, and the disgusted looks on children's faces can be hilarious!" 


"A bit of role play can be quite a lot of fun!  Also it's a great way of learning history." 

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