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Schools and Groups

"Our school had a wonderful visit here today!  The volunteers are all so authentic, and brilliant with the children.  If you haven't already been here, you should!"  

Open dates for schools and groups

Please note:  These dates must be pre-booked, otherwise you may arrive and find the village closed.



Monday 13th - unavailable

Tuesday 14th - unavailable

Wednesday 15th

Thursday 16th - unavailable

Friday 17th - unavailable


Monday 1st - unavailable

Tuesday 2nd

Wednesday 3rd - unavailable

Thursday 4th - unavailable

Friday 5th


Monday 30th - unavailable


Tuesday 1st - unavailable

Wednesday 2nd

Thursday 3rd 

Friday 4th - unavailable



Child  £3.50

Adult  Free of charge

Home education groups:

Child  £3.50

Adult  £3.50

Child under three  Free of charge

Adult groups:

Adults  £5

Please note:  As we open the village especially for pre-booked groups on these dates we require a minimum of 30 paying visitors.  Smaller groups of 15 may attend on public open days and still qualify for group rates without booking.  Just ask on your way in. 

All the villagers are volunteers with a keen interest in their individual roles and of the social history of this period of time.  They have researched their topics in depth and love sharing nuggets of information that may not be covered in the classroom. For example, did you know that people did not have left or right shoes; they were made to fit either foot!

To book

Email Claire on with the following information:

  • Your name

  • Your email

  • Your school or group

  • Your preferred date

  • How many places you require

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