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Gosport Living History Society presents
Little Woodham

a 17th century village

Within the parish of Rowner, surrounded by woodland, lies the 17th century village of Little Woodham.  A visit here will allow you to step inside the pages of history books, to open the doors of real homes and immerse yourself in the everyday life of a small village.

You may meet the seamstress embroidering elaborate decorations on clothing for the wealthy members of the parish, or she might simply be repairing a pair of britches!  You could visit the weaver busily spinning wool or making beautiful cloths, or the potter at his wheel throwing pots.  You'll often hear the chopping of wood at the sawyers, or the rhythmic hammering of metal at the blacksmiths forge, or you might just hear a mother telling tales of faeries to her children.

Visit us and immerse yourself in the 17th century and experience the everyday lives and stories behind the history you know.

To avoid disappointment, please check our open dates.

Step from your time into ours

Little Woodham, Barrington Close, Gosport,

Hampshire PO13 8NZ

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