All the corn, red currants, mustard seeds and the early apples have been harvested. Time for the Hop picking.



A unique pattern woven in the fabric of time.


Within the Parish of Rowner, surrounded by woodland, the village of Little Woodham exists to educate both children and adults about 17th Century rural life in the South of England.
In the April of 1642 the King of England, Charles Stuart and his Parliament stood on the eve of Civil War. The momentous events of that year unfold as the autumn approaches. Using extensively researched local events and people the villagers link their families and their lives to national and international events.
During your tour you will meet "villagers", interpreters dressed in period costume. Little Woodham's living history interpreters involve you and your children in their daily lives. Prepare timber with the sawyers at their camp, or speak with villagers as they make lace, or card and spin wool, watch the Blacksmith as he beats hot iron into shape. Those visitors with "good and lawful money of England" may enter Little Woodham's ale-house, there to join in conversation with whoever they may find within.








 Registered Charity No. 1047688