What to see

Here are a selection of photographs of the many people you are likely to meet, however the village is staffed by volunteers, so although you will have a wonderful experience and meet some very interesting villagers, it may not always be possible for you to meet everyone on your first visit.  

Please click here                                                           to see our opening times and further information. 


There is easy access around the village and in the houses for wheelchair users. 

We are also dog friendly, but we do ask for your dog to be kept on a lead at all time please. 

Please also note that due to the fire risk we must ask you to refrain from smoking when in and around the village.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Little Woodham.

We always welcome new villagers and helpers.


Little Woodham is run as an independent charity, we receive no government funding and the village only exists due to time given by our dedicated volunteers.


If you would like to join and be a part of Little Woodham, either as a villager or assisting behind the scenes or in the shop as a helper, then we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via email or ask in the shop.

Eavesdrop on village gossip and hear how the unfurling events of the year impact upon everyday life.