School Opening Dates - 2020

These are specific dates that are dedicated to Schools and groups and are not open to te general public.  This allows us to make sure you get the most from your visit.  All visits must be pre-booked.

Please note: there is a minimum of 20 paying visitors for schools or groups


Child:  £2.50

Adults:  Free

Child under age of three:  Free

Adult groups

Adults:  £4.50


Home Education Groups

Child:  £2.50

Adult:  £2.50

Child under three:  Free

Available dates

May 2020

Monday 4th

Tuesday 5th

Wednesday 13th

Thursday 14th

Friday 15th

Tuesday 19th

Wednesday 20th

July 2020

Wednesday 8th

Thursday 9th

Friday 10th

Monday 13th

Tuesday 14th

June 2020

Wednesday 10th

Thursday 11th

Friday 12th

Monday 15th

Tuesday 16th

October 2020

Tuesday 6th

Wednesday 7th


Please use the booking form to contact us to reserve your place.

We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy your visit.