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Saint's days and festivals of 1641/1642

Saints days and festivals were an important part of daily life.  Not only had they religious significance, but they also marked the passing of the year. Without a calendar, it was often easier to make arrangements using Saints days as a way of ensuring everyone meant the same day!

February 1641

02-Feb          Candllemasse also Crownation Day

24-Feb          St. Matthias Feast


March 1641/1642

01-Mar         Start of Lent

24-Mar         Last Day of 1641

25-Mar         Lady Day


April 1642

10-Apr          Easter Day

11-Apr          Easter Monday

25-Apr          St. Mark's Day


May 1642

02-May         May Day

03-May         St. Hellen Masse

16-17-18      May  Cross or Rogation Days

19-May         Holy Thursday Ascension Day

29-May         Whit Sunday Pentecost


June 1642

05-Jun         Trinity Sunday

06-Jun         Trinity Monday

24-Jun          St. John the Baptist

29-Jun          St. Peter's Day


July 1642

22-Jul           Mary Magdalen Day

25-Jul           St. James' Day


August 1642

01-Aug           Lammas

10-Aug           St. Lawrence's Day

15-Aug           Assumptio Mariae


September 1642

08-Sep           Super Nativitatem Mariae, Our Lady in Harvest

21-Sep            St. Mathew's Day

29-Sep           Michaelmasse


October 1642

18-Oct            St. Luke's Day

25-Oct            St. John of Beverley Day


November 1642

01-Nov            All Saints Day

05-Nov            Powder Treason Day

11-Nov             Martynmasse

30-Nov            St. Andrewemasse


December 1642

21-Dec            St. Thomas' Day

25-Dec            Christmasse

26-Dec            St. Stephen's Day

27-Dec            St. John's Day

28-Dec            Innocent's Day

Compiled by R.Towner and R.Roberts



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