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Research and historical information

The following documents below have been researched by members of the society and are available for you as word documents.  They provide interesting background information to life in the 17th Century and the surrounding area at that time. Please select to view.

History of Grange farm and Rowner

Description Parish Register of Rowner from 1590 to 1700

Information  about Grange farm

Mortgage document of 1638 and subsequent default and redemption

Parish of Rowner

Subsidy men in Rowner, 1597

Inventory of Grange Farm, Rowner 1640

Survey of lands of Henry Brune Esq. 1612

Wills and inventories

Abstract of Will of William Stares of Grange, Rowner 1639

Will of Elizabeth Beard widow of Rowner, buried April 22nd 1639.

Inventory of William Green, 1647

Inventory of Rowner Rectory 1683

Will of William Knight, Yeoman of Rowner. 1648.

John Turner of Rowner dated 28th March 1642

Inventory of Henry Foster of Rowner, buried April 20th 1639

Coinage and the cost of goods in the 17th Century

The tables of coinage

Costings for emigrants in 1630s

Market prices -August 21st 1625 in Southampton

Sea trade and coastal traffic

Description Coastal traffic from Portsmouth 1634

'The Safeguard of Sailors’ or ‘The Great Rutter’ 1594

The safeguard of sailors

Sea trade around Portsmouth in the 1630s

Vessels with foreign cargoes arriving Portsmouth 1637 and 1638

Description of Foreign traffic inwards and outwards 1636 and 1637 inc

Civil war information

Report on Lord Goring, Governor of Portsmouth

The king's ships, summer guard of 1642

Copy of a letter from Portsmouth, 19th August 1642

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