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Information for teachers

"Our school had a wonderful visit here today!  The volunteers are all so authentic, and brilliant with the children.  If you haven't already been here, you should!"

Infant School Head Teacher, Summer 2015



We offer an almost unique opportunity for children and adults alike to feel that they have stepped into the past.  Your pupils will have the chance to meet a variety of villagers who re-enact daily routines and tasks typical of the time.  People you may meet include:


  • Alehouse keeper

  • Blacksmith

  • Button maker

  • Farmer and his wife

  • Housewives

  • Lace maker

  • Muskateer

  • Peddler

  • Potter

  • Sawyer

  • Scribe

  • Seamstress

  • Soldier / Archer

  • Traveling trickster

  • Weavers and spinners

  • Wheelwright

  • Wood Turner

  • Wool dyers


For a small village, we are blessed with a large number of trades!  Please note that as we are staffed purely by volunteers, some of the trades may unfortunately not be represented on the day of your visit.


Although the National Curriculum does not specify that the time around the English Civil War is taught in schools it does state that studying history "should inspire pupils' curiosity to learn more about the past".  We are passionate about sharing our love of history!  Visitors are encouraged to ask questions and interact, enabling them to discuss the topics that they are interested in.


All the villagers are volunteers with a keen interest in their individual roles and of the social history of this period in time.  They have researched their topics in depth and love sharing nuggets of information that may not be covered in the classroom.  For example, did you know that is was common for wealthy people to sleep sitting up with their mouths strapped shut to prevent the Devil from climbing in?  Or that when it rained heavilyanimals that were nestled in the thatched roofs slipped off, hence the expression 'raining cats and dogs'?



Site information for teachers


Little Woodham is an open air museuam in a wooded area.  Please ensure that children are wearing footwear and clothing appropriate for the weather and terrain.


Public toilets are available in the car park.  Please note that these are a few minutes walk from the village.


Picnicking cannot be accomodated within the village itself but there is a pretty picnic spot in the grounds close to the entrance.  In case of rain, a canopy can be supplied.


A small souvenir shop is available selling hot and cold drinks, a small selection of snacks and various souvenirs suitable for a variety of ages and pockets.  Please notify us if you would like the shop to be open during your visit.

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