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Visit Little Woodham

Each volunteer of Little Woodham has a love of history, especially relating to this period and have a wealth of knowledge to pass on to you.  You can learn about the different trades and crafts, the responsibilities people have within the village community, as well as seeing demonstrations of the different crafts and the accurate recreation of artefacts of the time, using the same methods, materials and tools as were used 370 years ago.  You will also be entertained with stories, folklore, fears and beliefs as well as historical events of the period in order to provide you with the best experience and insight of what life would have been like in a small English 17th Century village.

People you may meet include:

  • Alehouse keeper

  • Blacksmith

  • Button maker

  • Farmer and his wife

  • Housewives

  • Lace maker

  • Musketeer

  • Pedlar

  • Potter

  • Sawyer

  • Scribe

  • Seamstress

  • Soldier / Archer

  • Travelling trickster

  • Weavers and spinners

  • Wheelwright

  • Wood Turner

  • Wool dyers



Remember to ask questions we love to share our knowledge.

There is access around the village and in the houses for wheelchair users.  We are also dog friendly, but we do ask for your dog to be kept on a lead at all time please. 

Please also note that due to the fire risk we must ask you to refrain from smoking when in and around the village.

We hope you will find Little Woodham inspiring as well as educational. 

Click here                                                           to find out about opening times and further information.

"A hidden treat.I've just visited the village.  An immersive experience I really enjoyed.  All the villagers were knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  The village itself is well constructed.  This should be more widely known and enjoyed.  Thank you!"

Facebook review

"Loved the whole experience!  Will be back!

Facebook review

"The living history museum is well worth the visit.  We are a family of history buffs and we really enjoyed thion an educational level and also as a nice experience.  The participants are so well informed.  I think very young children would enjoy this as much as older children"


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