Village Hoping To Open Later In 2021

08/05/21 - Little Woodham village is currently closed, but we are hoping to be open to the public later in the year depending on Government Covid restrictions. We will post our opening dates as soon as we are certain of our position. Visitors should note that our new entrance will be via Barrington Close off Howe Road.

Within the parish of Rowner, surrounded by woodland, lies the 17th century village of Little Woodham.  A visit here will allow you to step inside the pages of history books; to open the doors of real homes and immerse yourself in everyday life in a small village.


You may meet the seamstress embroidering elaborate decorations on clothing for the wealthy members of the parish, or she may simply be repairing her husband’s britches!  You may find the weavers busily spinning wool or weaving beautiful cloths or see the potter at his wheel throwing pots or firing up his kiln.  You’ll often hear the chopping of wood at the sawyers, or the rhythmic banging of metal at the blacksmith’s forge, or you might just hear a mother telling tales of faeries to her children.


Come and visit us and immerse yourself in the 17th century for your own unique experience of the everyday lives, stories and crafts behind the history you know. 



Don't forget to ask questions - we love to share our knowledge.