17th Century Forge Experience Day
The only fully working replica 17th Century forge in the UK
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in a 17th Century Forge?  There's no electricity, no modern equipment, no lights apart from candles, no machinery, no heating and just a dirt floor.  Everything created by hand using basic tools on anvils that are hundreds of years old.  Little Woodham are offering a unique experience; a chance to go back in time and spend a day working in the 17th Century sea coal forge with our village blacksmith, David Brightmore.    

A little different to a normal professional blacksmithing day, this is an experience of going back to a time long forgotten.  We hope this will appeal to the novice as well as a more experienced blacksmith. 

The experience will start with lighting the sea coal forge using flint and steel, then throughout the day you'll be working with steel and wrought iron to make replica 17th century ironwork to take home, on anvils that are hundreds of years old using traditional techniques in the beautiful setting of Little Woodham. You'll also learn a bit of history about C17th blacksmithing but the best part of the experience is;  providing you with a glimpse of what it was like to be a C17th blacksmith by creating beautiful ironwork in this unique replica C17th sea coal forge using original anvils. 

To enjoy the day you don’t need any prior knowledge of blacksmithing.  You will learn techniques such as how to bend, twist, draw out and shape the iron as well as identifying different temperatures will be explained in a relaxed and informal way to give you the best opportunity to get the most out of the day and ensure you take home some beautiful ironwork that you will be proud of.

Cost =  £150.00
Per attendee 

Maximum of two experience day attendees in the forge.
£75 deposit payable when booking.
The remaining £75 to be paid 7 days prior to the experience day. 

Friends/family as spectators are free and are welcome
 All proceeds go to the Gosport Living History Society Charity to help with the upkeep of the village.

​​​Start Time   = 09:00   
​End time   = 17:00 (approx)

The day will start at 9:00 with a brief safety chat after which you will prepare and light the fire using a flint and steel.  David will then show you around the forge and the tools and equipment that you’ll be using.  On a typical experience day you will start off making a hand forged square rose head nail.  Look carefully at a wooden beam in any old building and you’ll be sure to see this type of nail.  The great thing about making a nail is it will allow you to quickly become familiar with the old anvils, how hard/soft to hit the metal and to become familiar with the forge environment.  Then you'll make other period items, depending on your experience some items can take longer than you think, and remember it is quite physical work so it’s important to pace yourself.


Throughout the day there will be plenty of fresh coffee, tea, hot chocolate, snacks and water or juice.  The only thing we can't provide is lunch so you'll need to bring your own, however you are more than welcome to cook your lunch over the forge as we would have done 400 years ago. .

Although there are no age restrictions, I would recommend a minimum age of 16 purely due to the heavy work involved.

Dates available - 2022

March 2022

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